Gambling enterprises battling card counters so significantly begs the question, Can you win at blackjack without counting cards? What other techniques offer gamers aside?

Land-based and online blackjack players are always trying to beat the chances in this highly strategic and mathematical gambling establishment video game. And, card counting is among the most successful blackjack approaches for enhancing a blackjack player’s probability of winning. This genuinely begs the question, Can you win at blackjack without counting cards?

Nonetheless, aside from card counting, there are other methods and approaches that players can turn to and obtain a winning edge in the video game of blackjack.


The technique of counting cards in blackjack allows gamers to keep a Running Matter and a True Count of the cards being dealt. Expert card counters can obtain a clear suggestion of which cards are being dealt with and which are remaining in the deck.
Based on this matter, the gamer will anticipate a sure hand and base his having fun decisions strategically on this hand. As blackjack is a mathematical video game, this calculated computation can indeed give an edge over your house if done in the right way.
Card counting is an overarching family of counting strategies for the blackjack video game. There are many means to count cards; however, they follow the same concepts.
Card checking is a skill that takes a long time to master, and this can not always be used in multi-deck blackjack games or on the internet blackjack. Nonetheless, it is still an excellent method to enhance the chances of winning at blackjack, particularly in the future. This is since card counting offers players the power to alter their wagers according to the cards left in the deck. The masters can even rescind your house edge in some video games with card checking.
Casino sites have put in place multiple mechanisms to stop card counters, both online and offline. One of the most prevalent steps is the omnipresence of automated card shufflers that make each new hand. These provide blackjack card counting applications worthless in effect.


From adhering to the standard blackjack technique to sticking to much more complex designs, a slim variety of other fascinating approaches can offer blackjack gamers a clear edge in the video game without involving any card counting plan.
Making Use Of Fundamental Blackjack Method
Having fun with the fundamental blackjack strategy in mind is probably the best way of making the best use of the winnings in blackjack. The basic approach tells the players what having fun decisions to take based on their hand and the card the dealership reveals. Implementing the strategy can help gamers reduce the gambling enterprise’s benefit to less than 0.5%. Following are the standard blackjack techniques summed up for you:
Players need to always double down on a strenuous 11. The exemption is when in a multi-deck game, the supplier must stand on soft 17, and also, because of this, the gamer has a slightly much better chance of hitting against the dealer’s ace.
Players should always split a set of 8’s and aces irrespective of the dealership’s upcard.
Gamers need not split a pair of 5’s or 10 ATMs because it is far better to attract one more card closer to a 10.
Gamers should strike a 12 versus the dealer’s upcard of 2 or 3.
Gamers must hit 7 or Soft 18 when the casino dealer upcard is 9 or Ace (A).

Casino Gamers must double down on 10 when the supplier’s upcard is 9 or less.
Players have to stand with a pair of 9’s when the supplier’s upcard is a 7.
Gamers need to constantly surrender tough 16 versus a dealership’s upcard of 9, 10, or ace and tough 15 versus the dealer’s upcard of 10.
Gamers need to avoid taking the insurance coverage bet unless it is a single-deck video game, and also, the gamer is proficient at counting cards.
Use method cards if your regional online casino enables them!
Opening Carding
Hole Carding is essentially the gamers’ ability to try and identify the supplier’s face-down card or what is described as the hole card. This method or method certainly gives aside to the gamer over the house. Currently, the question is how hole carding is done?
In some casino sites, some suppliers are known as flashers because they show the hole card before laying it down. Nevertheless, remarkably, they will certainly not do it on purpose but mainly by chance. This error will undoubtedly give a succeeding advantage to the gamer who has a keen feeling of observation and is quick enough to glance at the whole card.
There is no doubt that this mistake devoted by the dealership will be too subtle to be recognized by the beginner-level players. Specialist blackjack players can, nonetheless, be pretty alert. Also, blackjack specialists will be observant and learn equally as the dealership glimpses at his hole card. This type of attempt at “glancing” or “finding” is called “initial basing” or “third basing”. The application of this strategy is mainly based on the position in which the player sits at the table. The left of the dealership is the first base, and the dealer’s right is the third base, considering whether the supplier is right-handed or left-handed. If the left-handed dealer, the third base sitter has the advantage and the other way around.
The player needs to prevent this opening carding method by leaning back, making it much more evident that he is attempting to use some approaches for getting an edge in the video game.

Side Arranging

Edge Arranging is yet an additional technique to think about if you consider how to defeat blackjack without counting cards. Well, Edge Sorting, as a method, was popularized by the online poker tale Phil Ivey. Also, it has aided some specialist gamblers to gain countless dollars at gambling enterprises.
The technique entails looking for flaws in the deck though all decks will certainly not have a spot. Plus, gamers require to be watchful to catch a problem. When the cards are revolved by 180 degrees, Side Sorting becomes simpler. The flaws can be found in numerous types, such as irregular patterns like half-diamonds on the back or sides. Having the capacity to observe and identify such problems closely is the key to efficiently executing this approach.

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Don Johnson Technique

There can be various methods and approaches of winning blackjack without counting cards was proved by Don Johnson. Johnson was a high roller who beat the gambling enterprises in Atlantic City for over $15 million bucks in 2010 and 2011, and he did it without counting cards. Card checking was not allowed by the Atlantic City gambling enterprises to mix the cards after each hand. What he did was apply a couple of strategies and also perform them remarkably well.
To begin with, he worked out a loss refund, which indicated that if he shed money throughout a journey—an incentive as a perk of being a high-stakes gambler. However, while high-rollers had a minimum requirement of dipping into least 12 hrs to receive the discount, Johnson was excused. Consequently, the maximum table wager was $10,000, there was no minimum play need, and Johnson could claim a 20% refund on his losses every time he shed $500,000 or even more.
Jonson’s key to optimizing his winnings was identifying his win/loss stopped points. When the ‘Loss discount Theory’ was made use of to examine Johnson’s 20% loss rebate program, it may be obtained that Don Johnson would quit after winning $2,411,000 and also losing $2,597,000. The likelihood of hitting the win-quit point in a specific session was about 49.07%, which made him dip into an efficient 0.26% edge over the house. The number of regular rounds to get to a quit point was 481, and the expected win per day for Johnson was an excellent $125,000, typically.

So, we can conclude by claiming that though card counting is a well-established strategy of enhancing the probabilities of winning at blackjack, there are most definitely other approaches, grasping which a blackjack gamer can defeat the odds in the video game at an online casino.

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